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SFD working a basement fire at 21 Hazel St. Dec 31, 2017.SFD and Belltown VFD working an attic fire at 114 Old North Stamford Road. Dec 25, 2017.SFD working a house fire at 33 Grenhart Rd. Dec 16, 2017.Stamford Fire receives new Scott Air Packs. Nov 14, 2017.SFD with Belltown working a shed fire with extension at 162 Oaklawn Ave. Oct 5, 2017SFD working with GFD on a brush fire on the Merritt Parkway/Riverbank Rd. Oct 4, 2017.SFD working a 5 alarm multiple house fire at 46 Alden St. Sep 25, 2017SFD working a shed fire at 77 Harbor View Ave. September 16, 2017.Stamford Fire 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. September 11, 2017Stamford Volunteers Live Burn @ Darien Drill Field. Aug 28, 2017.100 Years Glenbrook Fire Department Celebration. August 19, 2017SFD Dive Team training off Fairview Ave. August 19th, 2017.SFD working a dryer fire at 38 Connecticut Ave. July 14, 2017.SFD working a kitchen fire at 238 West Broad St on June 21, 2017.SFD 2 alarm fire at 150 Southfield Ave. June 8, 2017Stamford Tanker Drill. May 23, 2017.SFD working a porch fire with extension at 8 Green St. May 14, 2017.SFD working a house fire at 28 Rose Park Ave. 4.16.17SFD working a kitchen fire at 2350 Washington Blvd. Apr 10, 2017.SFD 2nd alarm fire at 1620 Newfield Ave, the Italian Center. Apr 6, 2017.SFD, LRFC, with M/A working a house fire at 36 Old Orchard Ln. Mar 12, 2017SFD working a basement fire at 60 Fairview Ave. Feb 26, 2016.SFD working a house fire at 72 Halloween Blvd. Feb 17, 2017.