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SFD working a basement fire at 77 Colonial Rd. Dec 26, 2016SFD working a 2nd alarm fire at 28 Arlington Rd. Dec 21, 2016SFD working a 3 alarm fire at 38 Lockwood Ave. Dec 1, 2016Stamford FD, Belltown FD, and Springdale FD work a dryer fire 1060 Hope St. Nov 25, 2016.SFD working a 3 Alarm condo fire at 1 Southfield Ave. Oct 19, 2016.Stamford FD, Belltown VFD, and Glenbrook VFD working a structure fire at 26 Ogden Rd. Oct 7, 2016.SFD working a boat in distress on Long Island Sound. Oct 4,  2016.SFD working a basement fire at 82 Warren St. Nov 3, 2016SFD working a small boat fire 98 Southfield Ave. Oct 12, 2016SFD 9/11 15th Anniversary Ceremony. Sep 11, 2016SFD Class 15-01 Swearing-In Ceremony. June 30, 2016SFD working a truck fire on Washington Blvd. June 26, 2016SFD working a house fire at 109 Orange St. May 28, 2016SFD working a small fire on First Street. May 21. 2016SFD working a house fire on Webb Ave. April 24, 2016SFD working a vehicle fire at 54 Club Rd. Feb 23, 2016SFD working a small fire at 88 Lockwood Ave. Feb 19, 2016SFD working a fire in the walls call at 794 High Ridge Road. Fed 2, 2016.SFD working an apartment fire at 290 Seaside Ave. Jan 26, 2016