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Belltown FD New Engine 43 Ceremony. June 26, 2021.Stamford FD 2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire at 19 Lincoln Ave. June 17, 2021.Stamford FD Dwelling Fire at 21 Perry St. June 12, 2021.Stamford FD Trench Rescue Drill in Cummings Park. June 1, 2021.Stamford FD 2nd Alarm Hi-Rise Under Construction Fire at 851 Washington Blvd. May 21, 2021.Stamford FD Porch Fire at 42 Wright St. May 15, 2021.Stamford FD Level 2 Tanker Task Force Drill at 244 Shelter Rock Rd. May 10, 2021.Stamford FD Dwelling Fire at 1135 Stillwater Ave. April 28, 2021.Stamford FD Dwelling Fire at 33 Hillandale Ave. Apr 19, 2021.Stamford FD Compactor Fire at 51 Schuyler Ave. Mar 9, 2021.Stamford FD Gas Station Fire at 10 West Ave. Jan 30, 2021.Stamford FD Dryer Fire at 48 Woodledge Rd. Jan 10, 2021.Stamford FD Dryer Fire at 61 Virgil St. Jan 9, 2021.