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Port Chester FD Dwelling Fire at 136 Pearl St. June 13, 2021.Port Chester FD 2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire at 43 Smith St. May 28, 2021.Port Chester FD Kitchen Fire at 46 Poningo St. July 11, 2020.Port Chester FD Kitchen Fire at 33 Oak St. June 16, 2020.Port Chester FD Working a Commercial Building Fire at 30 Grace Church St. Feb 5, 2020Port Chester FD Working a fire in a Tax Payer at 145 North Main St. Nov 9, 2019.Port Chester FD 2nd Alarm Kitchen Fire at 360 Westchester Ave. Sep 6, 2019.Port Chester FD working a house fire at 19 Burdsall Drive. Dec 1, 2018.Port Chester FD working a second alarm house fire at   340 King St. Dec 26, 2017Port Chester FD working an apt fire at 45 Traverse Ave, June 21, 2017.Port Chester FD working a fire in Millers Junk Yard. Mar 11, 2016