Puck Stopper Photography | 2016-17 Bridgeport Sound Tigers Season
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Sound Tigers skate with the players. Apr 9, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Hartford. Apr 9, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Apr 8, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Springfield. Apr 4, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Hershey. Mar 19, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Utica. Mar 18, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Hartford. Mar 12, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Albany. Mar 11, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Mar 7, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Hershey. Feb 26, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Feb 25, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Hershey. Feb 12, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Hershey. Feb 12, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Feb 11, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Springfield. Feb 7, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Springfield. Feb 4, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Rochester. Feb 3, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Lehigh Valley. Jan 28, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Hartford. Jan 27, 2017.Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Jan 25, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Rochester. Jan 22, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Toronto. Jan 21, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Utica. Jan 14, 2017Sound Tigers .@. Hartford. Jan 7, 2017.Sound Tigers .@. Springfield. Jan 4, 2017Sound Tigers .vs. Wilkes-Barre/ScrantonSound Tigers .vs. Hartford. Dec 26, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Syracuse. Dec 17, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Wilkes Barre Scranton. Dec 11, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Lehigh Valley. Dec 4, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Binghamton. Dec 3, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Albany. Nov 29, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Wilkes Barre Scranton. Nov 25, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Binghamton. Nov 20, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Lehigh Valley. Nov 19, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Wilkes Barre Scranton. Nov 5, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Albany. Nov 2, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Springfield. Oct 30, 2016.Sound Tigers .vs. Lehigh Valley. Oct 29, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Springfield Thunderbirds. Oct 16, 2016Sound Tigers .vs. Providence. Oct 16, 2016