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FDNY 4th Alarm Auto Body Shop Fire at 23-59 Borden Ave. Sep 29, 2018.FDNY 4th Alarm Apartment Building Fire at 80-15 41st Ave, Queens. May 28, 2018.FDNY 3rd Alarm House Fire at 1732 White Plains Road, Bronx. Apr 27, 2018.FDNY LODD Funeral LT Michael Davidson. St Patricks Cathedral, Manhattan. Mar 27, 2018FDNY 4th Alarm Apartment Building Fire at 2000 2nd Ave, Manhattan. Mar 24, 2018.FDNY 5th Alarm LODD Row House Fire at 733 St Nicholas Ave, Manhattan. Mar 23, 2018.FDNY 2nd Alarm Row House Fire at 742 East 228 St, Bronx. Mar 3, 2018FDNY 2nd Alarm Apartment Building Fire at 570 St Marys St, Bronx. Jan 23, 2018FDNY 2nd Alarm Store Fire at 104-8 37th Ave, Queens. Jan 8, 2018FDNY 7th Alarm Apartment Building Fire at 1570 Commonwealth Ave, Bronx. Jan 2, 2018.