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SFRD House Fire  Montauk Drive, Stamford, CT . Dec 24, 2013SFRD house explosion Sep 17, 2013Stamford Fire Rescue 9/11 Memorial ServiceSFRD, Belltown, and Turn of River working a house fire on Applebee Road. July 17, 2013SFRD working Hazmat incident at MTA train yard. July 16,2013SFRD on scene at a crane collapse in Stamford Harbor. May 22. 2013SFRD Rescue 1 and Engine 2 on scene at a 2 car MVA with injuries on West Main St. May 16, 2013SFRD Ladder 1 and Engine 5 putting out a car fire on Franklin St. May 9, 2013SFRD I95 Northbound single car mva. May 8, 2013SFRD car into a yard on Adams Ave. May 7, 2013SFRD Engine 5 putting out a brush fire on Atlantic St. May 2, 2013SFRD Porch fire at 12 Tuttle Street. May 1, 2012SFRD Engine 3 putting out a tree on fire on Mill River. May 1, 2012SFRD False alarm at State Cinema Apr 30, 2013