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The photos in this gallery are the copyright of photographer Jonathan Tenca. The photos may NOT be copied, including screenshots, as that would be in violation of the rights of the copyright holder.
SFD working a basement fire at 77 Colonial Rd. Dec 26, 2016SFD working a 2nd alarm fire at 28 Arlington Rd. Dec 21, 2016SFD working a 3 alarm fire at 38 Lockwood Ave. Dec 1, 2016Stamford FD, Belltown FD, and Springdale FD work a dryer fire 1060 Hope St. Nov 25, 2016.SFD working a 3 Alarm condo fire at 1 Southfield Ave. Oct 19, 2016.Stamford FD, Belltown VFD, and Glenbrook VFD working a structure fire at 26 Ogden Rd. Oct 7, 2016.SFD working a boat in distress on Long Island Sound. Oct 4,  2016.SFD working a basement fire at 82 Warren St. Nov 3, 2016SFD working a small boat fire 98 Southfield Ave. Oct 12, 2016SFD 9/11 15th Anniversary Ceremony. Sep 11, 2016SFD Class 15-01 Swearing-In Ceremony. June 30, 2016SFD working a truck fire on Washington Blvd. June 26, 2016SFD working a house fire at 109 Orange St. May 28, 2016SFD working a small fire on First Street. May 21. 2016SFD working a house fire on Webb Ave. April 24, 2016SFD working a vehicle fire at 54 Club Rd. Feb 23, 2016SFD working a small fire at 88 Lockwood Ave. Feb 19, 2016SFD working a fire in the walls call at 794 High Ridge Road. Fed 2, 2016.SFD working an apartment fire at 290 Seaside Ave. Jan 26, 2016